Our Mission Statement

At Sun Essential, we strive to find the highest quality organic products and deliver them to you at the lowest cost possible.  Since our inception this has been our goal and we take pride in the fact that we have been able to and will continue to consistently deliver high quality products time and time again. We use the products that we sell so join us, breathe deeply and let Sun Essential elevate you.

Our Staff

Sun Essential keeps it small. Our staff is composed of a small team of experts and essential oil enthusiasts that don’t just love what we do, but are exceedingly good at it. We use the products that we sell to you so we take our quality control very seriously.  Our stock is maintained in a controlled, clean environment and we use the latest technologies to make sure that each and every product that leaves our facilities meets our stringent quality standards.

Why We Do This

How do we deliver these products as such good prices? The answer is that we are a small agile company with very low overhead and minimal marketing costs. We let our customers do our marketing for us through word of mouth and grass roots web based campaigns. Because of this, we are able to get large quantities of product from the highest quality sources around the world without the distractions that some of the larger companies have to deal with. We pride ourselves in our ability to move swiftly and deliver high quality products to you without market friction.